Design and build of bespoke tailor-made space solutions.  

The Build Process for an AL module 

Alternative to foundations 

Each building can either be built on traditional foundations, a concrete pad, or with its own unique base frame to give a quick alternative to foundations. This makes the building portable, if required in the future. Each leg of the building sits on a 20 millimetre base plate, which can be levelled at each leg to raise and lower the building as required. 

Steel frame 

The steel frame is then constructed from the base and the roof purlins installed. A damp proof membrane is laid to the floor as a first fix protective barrier. 

Frame roof purlins 

The roof purlins and tie rods are installed each with pre-welded plates to pick up the roof timbers. 


Once the roof timbers are installed the Catnic SSR2 roof is fixed with 100 millimetre solid insulation. 


Timber frames are installed between the steel panels to house the wall insulation and provide a cavity for electrical installation. 
The flooring is constructed in a similar manor, or a concrete beam and block floor system if preferred. 


The building is wrapped with ‘House Wrap’, then counter battened and Cedar cladding is installed to the walls. The Catnic SSR2 cladding can also be used for all or part of the walls. 


The timber joists are fitted, which are insulated and boarded top and bottom. A wire mesh system is fitted to the underside of the flooring to prohibit rodents entering the floor void. 

Internal space 

As well as the 100 millimetre solid insulation in the roof, a further 100 millimetre insulation is added to the roof with a vapor barrier. The walls are fully insulated and the building is then ready for first fix electrical installation. 

Plaster boarding 

After the first fix electrical installation the internal walls are plaster boarded and the ceiling panels installed. 

The final external finish of the building 

Finished Internal 

The final internal finish, layout and partition walls are installed to your requirements. 
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